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Since 1994, our team at Matrix has been completing Demolition and Environmental Remediation projects in California.  With a EMR Rating of 0.74, our goal of 100% project satisfaction has kept us a leader in the abatement and demolition industry; completing thousands of projects for hundreds of clients.

Contaminated Soil Remediation


Matrix Environmental Inc. was responsible for creating and maintaining a Contaminated Soils Management Plan (CSMP) for use during excavation activities to be conducted at the Tom Bradley International Terminal, Los Angeles International Terminal (TBIT) located at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), at 1 World Way in Los Angeles, California (the Site).

The Site is owned by Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and is being developed by Clark/McCarthy, a Joint Venture (CMAJV). This CSMP is designed to address the procedures and protocols to be used by CMAJV, Matrix, and associated subcontractors to properly and safely excavate, transport, manage and dispose of potentially contaminated soils at the Site.

The Site is part of a large, active airport located along the coast to the west of Interstate 405 and north of Interstate 105. The Site is surrounded by the LAX airport including runways and terminals, followed by residential and commercial development and associated streets. The site consists of the existing TBIT South Concourse including the building and apron areas.

The purpose of this Contaminated Soils Management Plan (CSMP) is to provide procedures and protocols for the identification, segregation, characterization, management and disposal of volatile organic compound (VOC) contaminated and potentially contaminated soil excavated at the Site. These procedures and protocols are designed to protect the health and safety of Site workers and the general public and to comply with applicable rules and regulations. The CSMP supplements existing plans and documents governing work at the Site.

This CSMP has been prepared to summarize and supplement the requirements contained in the
following documents as they pertain to the management of contaminated and potentially
contaminated soil at the Site:

  • South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) Various Locations and/or Site-Specific Rule 1166 Contaminated Soil Mitigation Plan – The Rule 1166 Contaminated Soil Mitigation Plan (Rule 1166 Plan) describes procedures for excavation, monitoring and handling of VOC-contaminated soil within the SCAQMD.
  • Site-Specific Safety Program, Tom Bradley International Terminal – Renovation, Apron, and Concourse Demolition RFP– The Site-Specific Safety Program (SSSP) describes the minimum required safety and health procedures required by employees and subcontractors working at the Site.
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal Renovation, Aprons, and Concourse Demolition, WDID Number 419C301432, January 7, 2014. The SWPPP describes Best Management Practices (BMPs) to be used during construction and grading activities to minimize pollutants in stormwater and authorized non-stormwater discharges from construction activity. The SWPPP contains Site Layout Plans showing designated stockpile management areas.

To date, Matrix has managed the stockpiling, exportation and recycling of over 4000 cubic yards of VOC contaminated soil.  


Air monitoring at LAX utilizing a photo-ionization detector (PID).

Health and Safety oversight during LAX Passenger Boarding Bridge installations.


Contaminated soil management at LAX Tom Bradley International.


A portion of the Matrix soil management team at LAX.

Abatement of concrete encased asbestos conduit at LAX.